International Awareness & Involvement

Knightdale – Wake Forest Alumnae strives to create awareness and promote active participation in addressing issues affecting women and children around the world.  We accomplish this by increasing awareness and involvement in the international arena and in international issues.

Our International Awareness & Involvement Programs & Initiatives include:

KWF Sponsor-A-Child Program: Agate Preschool/Kindergarten in Agate, West Africa – We provide ongoing support for the Agate School partnership.  Based on specific needs, shipments of school supplies/materials, toiletries and clothing are shipped twice a year in support of this signature program of our Chapter.

 Eyes On Africa – This program is focused on providing resources to improve the eyesight of the workers in Africa.  KWF donates gently used glasses and reading glasses to support this cause.

Nothing But Nets Campaign – Essentially every 45 seconds a child dies from malaria which is easily prevented through the use of an insectide-treated mosquito net. KWF implemented this campaign to aid in the support and purchase of bed nets as a simple life-saving solution for our brothers and sisters in third world countries.

S.O.S.S. (Support our Sister Soldiers) – KWF created this program to support our female Soldiers serving in the Military.  We send care packages based on needs, letters, and Girl Scout cookies to our female Soldiers serving abroad.

Water Tanks & Wells Campaign – I’ve Got Ten On It, is KWF’s endeavor to aid in the combat for clean water and malaria prevention in third world countries.  Every ten dollars donated to Water for Children Africa which provides safe water tanks in rural villages on the continent, can provide clean water for 10 years or more.

 Support and assist the Fistula Foundation – KWF’s International Awareness & Involvement and Social Action committees collaborate to bring awareness and support on this issue.  The Mission of the Fistula Foundation is to raise awareness of and funding for fistula treatment, prevention and educational programs worldwide.   A fistula is simply a hole between an internal organ and the outside world that should not exist. Women in the poorest places on earth suffer from fistula due to unrelieved obstructed labor. Fistula causes incontinence; forcing formerly vibrant young women to lead lives of shame and despair.

Other International Efforts:

  • Helping Haiti Heal – Ongoing support
  • World AIDS Day